Wedding faq

Which period of the year would you recommend for a wedding and which one wouldn’t you recommend ?

May, June and July are pleasant months. The weather is nice even if it can be bit hot specially in June and July. September can be a very nice month but is a variable month as it is the end of the summer and weather can change from one day to another; same for October which is bit cooler comparing to September. We don’t suggest August which is the hottest month of the year and very crowded. In August some of the service providers might be not available as it is the month in Italy when most of the people leave work for vacation, beginning and end of the month is still ok.

Can you take care of the paperworks required  to get married in Italy with a civil ceremony or catholic?

Yes we offer assistance for this service.

Can the civil ceremony take place at the Castle?

Unfortunately not. We can only do symbolic ceremonies/blessings at the Castle.

Is there a limited number of people for the reception?

Yes, we suggest not more than 80 people. For outside there is not really a limit but in case of bad weather the couple has to consider the possibility of doing the reception inside. The biggest room at the ground floor can host maximum 80 people and the room at the first floor 65 people.

In which Town Hall can I get married and how far it is?

You can get married at the Town Hall of Perugia, Cortona, Castilione del Lago, Corciano. They all about 20 minutes away by car.

Can you arrange nearby accomodation for our guests?

Guests not staying with you at the castle might stay at our Country House “Monteluce” which has 30 sleeps. We also have a wide range of contacts with nearby hotels for people prefer another kind of accomodation.

How do our guests get to the Town Hall the day of the wedding and how do they go back to their place after the wedding reception?

We can arrange a bus service for the Town Hall and a shuttle service later at night.

Can we personalize our menu?

Of course you can.

Is the cake included in the menu you have sent us? How many bottles of wine are included?

Yes the classical flat or stores cake is included. Any other particular type you will choose will have to be ordered somewhere else. They normally calculate half bottle of wine for each person.

Is it possible to have a bar after dinner?

Yes it is possible. The area by the pool is just perfect for a bar after dinner and some music. You can have a bar man and buy alcohol and soft drinks in the days before the wedding or ask him to provide the drinks.

Can we rent the castle for less then a week?

Yes, you can. We do also 3 days, 4 days, 5 days etc.. The rental can start any day of the week.